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Arkansas Football Rankings

Fab40 Rankings


Arkansas Football Rankings

Our site showcases the state’s top talents including the Fab 40 over-all ranking regardless of class, Top 25 class rankings, and honorable mentions. This website is designed to become a bridge between Arkansas High School football players and collegiate coaches. Our rankings is a composite ranking compiled by combine data and evaluations of high school coaches, scouts, former D1 and NFL players, and our staff. Players are ranked by a criteria of high school production and college potential. Every spring and summer, we host several combines across the state to evaluate Student Athletes throughout Arkansas. These combines are under the direction of former Arkansas NFL players & Coaches.

There are tons of great athletes in Arkansas. However, exposure and evaluation is the key to getting to the next level. We are dedicated to reaching every part of our state. If you’re a coach or follow a player that you think has what it takes to play collegiate football, please contact us at [email protected]

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